Learn How to Catch Fish in the Gulf of Mexico

Learn How to Catch Fish in the Gulf of Mexico

    Tackle Recommendations                   When and Where to Fish

    Bait Recommendations                        Catching and Releasing

    Set up (Rods, Reels, Rigging)              Live Bait

    Boat Set Up                                           Traps and Holding Pens

    Trolling ins and outs                              Accessories for Fishing


I have over 50 years of fishing experience with 26 years in the Gulf of Mexico.  I am an expert dead bait fisherman, I rig baits, teasers and dredges and have caught over 800 billfish, including leading the wining team in the Texas Women’s Anglers Tournament in 2009.  I am willing to share my knowledge to help you formulate a plan to get started fishing. You can be one of the 20% of the anglers who catch 80% of the fish. I will work with you to understand your fishing desires; then if you follow my proven strategies and our plan you can be effective in the fisheries of your choice.  I have expertise in catching Billfish (Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish), Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Blackfin Tuna, King Mackerel, Red Snapper, Ling, Amberjack and Bonito. On land I can bring you up to date on the latest fishing techniques, and to show you simple ways you can get your boat and tackle ready for your adventures. I will also make available for purchase all of my custom fishing accessories and services:  Custom Dead Bait Rigging, Rigged Lures, Traps, Pens, Teasers, Dredges, etc.

This service would not be complete without offering to go fishing with you on your boat to put your new knowledge into practice.  Call Ron Moser 361-230-3011 for a FREE consultation to get you started toward catching fish in the Gulf of Mexico Offshore Port Aransas.

Fishing Guide Gulf of Mexico off Port Aransas

The above was developed with many seasons of experience and is a generalization. Each season can be different for each species. The following effects the seasons and ability to catch fish: Wind, Water Temperature, Currents, Rainfall, Water Clarity, Sargassum Weed and Storm events.  State and Federal regulations control all aspects of catching and possessing fish and are subject to change daily.

I do not hold a USCG Captains License nor do I desire to be in the charter fishing business. I simply want to help people learn how to fish on their own boats.