Bait Rigging Offerings

Trolling Bait

Natural Ballyhoo on Leader & Hook


This is a custom service so I can rig what ever you desire. The above is a standard costing of my most used rigs.

You can mix the above dressings in any fashion or way, Leader length is 6’ optional 10’.

All Hooks are hand sharpened then tip is blackened or painted silver for superior hook ups.  If you return the rig I will discount your next purchase by the cost of the add-ons as long as you want them on your new baits and they meet my standards. You may supply your own Islander or Lure for rigging with Horse Ballyhoo or Wahoo special baits.

You supply the bait size cooler I will supply the ice at no charge. All baits are rigged and brined the afternoon prior to your fishing day.  Delivery  to your home or boat can be arranged. Payment prior to  rigging is required.  Call for availability 361-230-3011.

I do not hold a USCG Captains License nor do I desire to be in the charter fishing business. I simply want to help people learn how to fish on their own boats.