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Learn How To Catch Fish In The Gulf Of Mexico

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  • 50 years of offshore fishing experience
  • Custom offerings which results in catching fish
  • I am an expert dead bait fisherman willing to share information
  • I have expertise in offshore fishing, trolling and bottom fishing
  • Winner of the 2009 Texas Women’s Anglers Tournament

Let me help you to become proficient at catching the fish you want to catch. I  have a lot of customized technique’s developed from the many years of fishing in the Gulf and I am willing to share  those with you.  Together we can make a plan to accomplish your fishing goals. When I started fishing in the Gulf 26 years ago, I had 25 years of experience  catching fish in the Atlantic.  I quickly found out the Gulf was much different. I was missing the when, where and how for most species in the Gulf of Mexico. Over time I have solved those questions  by spending time on the water and getting help from other fishermen.  When I started it was hard to find the knowledge I needed.  What I am offering you is the opportunity to gain the knowledge you need to catch the fish you are targeting. Call me today for a free consultation on how we can get started.



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I do not hold a USCG Captains License nor do I desire to be in the charter fishing business. I simply want to help people learn how to fish.